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콩나물 김치 삼겹살 덮밥 재료 - 대패삼겹살 - 콩나물 한줌 - 김치 한줌 - 밥 한공기 - 간장 1큰술 - 물 1/4컵 (종이컵) -김치국물 1큰술 만들기 - 팬에 삼겹살,김치, 콩나물 올려요 - 진간장1큰술, 김치국물1큰술, 물 1/4컵 넣어요 - 뚜껑덮고 중약불로 9분 - 밥위에 올려줍니다 ------ Ingredients - Grilled Thin Pork Belly - A handful of bean sprouts - A handful of kimchi - A bowl of rice - 1 spoon of soy sauce - ¼ cup of water (I used a paper cup to measure.) - 1 spoon of kimchi sauce How to make - Put down pork belly, kimchi, and bean sprouts on a pan. - Add 1 spoon of soy sauce, 1 spoon of kimchi sauce, and ¼ cup of water to it. - Cover a lid and cook it for 9 min at low to medium heat. - Put it on rice.